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June 2018: Top Secret


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This is OFF the record…

This June, The Junior Case brings you an exciting, mysterious, new theme…

This month, we bring you…TOP SECRET!

Our featured book is mysterious story about a young boy who “eats bad guys for breakfast.” Praised as “the best detective in town”, and trying to solve his dad’s disappearance seven years ago, this hilarious comedy-crime novel will take you on a thrilling investigation! Crimes need to be solved. Loved ones need protection. Will we truly find out what has happened to his dad? The suspense is too much!

This month, we will have you rolling with laughter! We will hyponotise you with amazing black and white illustrations, and take you deep undercover into an intriguing mystery. Exciting, imaginative, non-stop action and interesting places – this is a book that will keep your children captivated from beginning to end!

So if your little detectives are fans of Tom Gates, then this case is not to be missed! We’ve filled it with items that will enhance their imagination and help prepare them to investigate whatever case comes their way! Items that will make the story come alive!

So shop now, as cases are extremely limited due to pre-orders.

Out of stock