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April 2018: Legends of the Seas


This April, The Book Case presents…

A story that rivals the fantasy of Maas and Bardugo…

A debut novel with a dark, twisted, richly imagined take on The Little Mermaid that will leave readers breathless…

An exciting, intense and exotic tale of adventure…

This month, we bring you…LEGENDS OF THE SEAS!

This is the story of a siren royal, a pirate prince and a cruel twist of fate.

Vibrant, lush and immersive worlds, with beautiful, fluid writing, and a fast-paced plot with spectacular characters, this captivating story will lift you from the pages of the book and plunge you deep into its murky depths. Adventure, betrayal and emotional connections! You won’t put this book down!

You can almost smell the sea with the goodies in our case this month! Mermaids, pirates, sea gods and sailors! We’ll take you on a trip through the oceans with some of our favourite characters!

Shop now! Limited cases available!

Shipping out end of April.


March 2018: Marvelous, Magical Creatures


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This month, the Book Case brings you…

A terrific, spellbinding story! An unforgettable, magical adventure! An enchanting, exciting fantasy!

March’s Junior Case theme is MARVELOUS, MAGICAL CREATURES!

Our featured novel is a Narnia-esque tale about a girl searching for her sister in a magical world filled with turmoil. The four guilds of magic distrust each other. The unicorns have disappeared. And dreadful wraiths roam freely.

With the unlikeliest of friends, terrible danger, and a quest for answers, this story draws you into a richly-imagined alternate world, keeps you on the edge of your seat with clever twists and turns, then leaves you breathless as it gallops to a sensational ending!

This is a book that will undoubtedly find its way onto the favourite shelves of many young readers, as well as some older readers (like me!) who remain young-at-heart.

This month’s case will be filled with marvelous, magical creatures. From Fantastic Beasts, to The Chronicles of Narnia and Frozen, we’ll have it all! So pop onto the website and shop now! There is limited availability. Cases ship out 15th of April.

3 in stock