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Dec 2017: Good vs Evil


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And to celebrate, we’re releasing our last theme for 2017!

So get ready, everyone…December’s theme is GOOD vs EVIL!

Our featured novel this month is another super-exciting, highly-anticipated novel from a New York Times bestselling author we know and love! But this is not your average superhero story. Because the heroine is a villain! And our heroine wants vengeance.

This December we bring you a story set in a superpower-filled world of adventure, passion, danger and betrayal. Secret Identities. Extraordinary Powers. And star-crossed love. Our last book for the year explores the intricate grey areas between good and evil.

So which case will you get??? The good case or the evil case? It’s all part of the surprise! Each case will feature the same book and equally amazing goodies! But some will be inspired by our favourite heroes and the others, our favourite villains! So expect items inspired by the great Potter-Voldemort duel and other superhero, super-villain clashes!

We can’t wait to send this to you! And remember, you’ll only receive ONE case. But which one will you get?

Cases ship out mid-December – so you’ll receive them well before Christmas!

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Dec 2017: Christmas at Hogwarts (Ages 8-12)


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Get ready boys and girls!

Here we go!

We are super excited to announce that the theme for our very first The Junior Book Case for children 8-12 years is… CHRISTMAS AT HOGWARTS!

We’ll be featuring a breathtaking, enchanting book by a debut author. You’ll hide under the covers with a torch for hours, long after bedtime — one more page! — to read this highly-satisfying and engrossing new fantasy story. With its page-turning plot, offbeat humor, quirkily colorful charactersand richly imagined fantasy world, this book has been praised as the next Harry Potter, and it is a must read for every child! You’ll be taken on an awesome adventure with a cursed child who escapes death and finds herself in a new world, which tests her beyond her wildest imagination. This is a very special book – a start to a phenomenal series that won’t disappoint! If you are fans of the boy wizard himself and the Wizard of Oz, then this is the theme for you!

So join us for Christmas at Hogwarts! A case filled with wondrous Christmas cheer in the most famous, magical school in the world!

Cases ship out mid-December – so you’ll receive them before Christmas!

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Dec 2017: Christmas Wishes (Ages 4-7)


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Welcome to our first ever The Little Book Case for children aged 4-7 years!

We’re so excited to announce that our first theme for The Little Book Case is…CHRISTMAS WISHES!

Get ready, boys and girls, for your very own magical, Christmas Eve case!

So lets go on a little adventure with a spectacular book, filled with baubles and trees, and carols and reindeer, and, of course, a little bit of trouble! You will find yourself laughing at this action-packed story about a little dog trying to save Christmas in the most hilarious way. This is the best book to cuddle up with on Christmas Eve while you’re waiting for Father Christmas!

Our Little Book Case will  be packed with a wonder of delights, from festive activities to a personalised item, and so much more! There may even be a little snack for Father Christmas too! So join us for some Christmas cheer! Feel the magic and the excitement! And watch all your dreams come true!

Cases ship out mid-December – so you’ll receive them well before Christmas! For boys and girls, so nobody gets left out!

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