May 2018

The Ancient Myths

Featured Book

Circe by Madeline Miller

Featured Artist

Lizelle Smith

This month’s case was inspired by gods and goddesses, myths and legends, magic and mayhem, witches and wizards, and everything else in between! A case bursting with the realms of the divine!

1. Circe by Madeline Miller
2. AMAZONS: A proudly South African item by MugsLove. A Wonder Women mug designed exclusively for The Book Case
3. APHRODITE: an enchanting golden fern hair clip to make you feel like a grecian goddess
4. POSEIDON: A stunning wooden bookmark made exclusively by Magical Me
5. THOR: A collectible vinyl sticker inspired by Thor, in glorious gold, by PaperCUTe
6. WONDER WOMEN: An original watercolour art print by Lizelle Smith from The Imaginarium of Ms Smith, exclusive to The Book Case
7. THE READING EXPERIENCE: There is an item in the case that you can not open until you reach a certain page: This month was a beautiful golden bracelet embedded with black crystals packaged in a cute glass jar!



Lizelle Smith

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