September 2018

The Curious Artifact Depository

Featured Book

Elemental Thief by Rachel Morgan

Featured Artist


Nestled in the corner of a dark and quiet alleyway, in a small town filled with secrets and mystery, sits a narrow storefront with a creaky wooden door. An obscure sign swinging carefully in the breeze reads…THE CURIOUS ARTIFACT DEPOSITORY.

1. Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne
2. Starry Night Socks by @featsockco.
3. Cosmic Moon sticky notes, a cosmic gel pen and starry night washi tape from @thescriptorium_za
4. Hammond Gower notebook from @wreak_havoc_gifting
5. Lunar Chronicles “make-a-wish” bracelet by The Book Case
6. A Dr Who art print by @loomadesigns
7. A starry ACOTAR bookmark by The Book Case
8. A light switch STAR WARS vinyl sticker by @papercute_
9. Cooper & Flynn literary tea inspired by Jane Eyre