June 2018

From France, with Love

Featured Book

You Me Everything by Catherine Issac

Featured Artist


Get your glass of chilled champagne, grab a creamy pastry and a comfy chair, and get ready…because this case takes on you on an idyllic summer vacation to the French countryside!

1. You Me Everything by Catherine Issac
2. A beautifully handcrafted notebook inspired by The Fault in our Stars, exclusively made for The Book Case by Pineurple ZA
3. Ooh la la la la! A stunning soft Parisian scarf by Mibern Scarves
4. A colourful pair of Anna and the French Kiss inspired macaroon earrings by Beads, Bling & Lovely things
5. The famous Mayan Hot Chocolate recipe from Chocolat with a few mini marshmallows by The Book Case
6. An Exquisite silver plated infinity bracelet inspired by The Perks of being a Wallflower, created by The Book Case. ‘Love always Charlie’
7. The Reading Experience: There is an item in the case that you can not open until a certain page: This month we went for a fun feel, and featured some local Chappies – to understand, you have to read the book!