We research months in advance, and chat to publishers and distributors regarding newly-released novels in South Africa. We will only select the books that have been released in South Africa within 60 days prior to our theme release date. Please remember that South Africa is +/- 2 months behind on releasing the books in our country, so this will be different to the book’s publication date. In saying that, we do strive to receive the books earlier than most of the bookstores in SA, so most of the time, the chosen books that you will receive in your monthly case will not be available to purchase in SA bookstores yet. So unless you’re buying a newly-released book every couple of weeks, chances are you won’t have what we’ll send you! We also announce the theme on social media and through our newsletter and give hints as to what the book might be. So if it sounds like something you may already have picked up or pre-ordered, you can easily skip that month.