Dec 2020: Ugly Christmas Sweaters


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This month’s theme is a quirky gift from your least favourite aunt.

It’s the kind of gift you only use at home. Once. On Christmas Eve.

And never again.

This December, The Book Case presents a tacky, new theme…UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!

Out of stock



We can’t completely write-off this gift from your least favourite aunt because our featured novel of the month is an extraordinary fantasy that will appeal to fans of Neil Gaiman and Erin Morgenstern.

On a long journey to a new home, a grandmother reads to her grandchildren from a very special book. A book full of fairy stories and heroic adventures of generations before who chose to live by starlight. With each story, the desire to live as their ancestors grows. And that is where the magic begins. The city is transforming. Many fear the strangeness under starlight. How long can the magic of the night occupy the same streets and squares of the day before there is an outright war?

An incredible tale of love and hope. A powerful story. The magic grows with every page. And in the end, we were left breathless.

This month’s case is packed with festive goodies and embarrassing, ugly Christmas sweaters! A case bursting with festive fun and quirky madness. It’s the holiday season and all we want is a good book, a cup of tea, and some good Christmas cheer! Celebrate with us (and don’t tell your least favourite aunt).

Cases are extremely limited this month and we apologise about this. Stock of the book is low at the moment and the publisher could not commit to more numbers in time for shipping before Christmas.

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