This February, The Book Case brings you…the wicked, the twisted, the cruel…DELIGHTFULLY DARK TALES!

This is not Wonderland. This is not Neverland. This is Faerie Land.

Everything is beautiful…and deadly.

A cunning, witty, complex girl yearns to belong to a fantastically foreign land. But the stairway to power is fraught with deceit and betrayal. She must defy an arrogant prince and risk her life to manipulate this world.

Dramatic and thrilling fantasy blends seamlessly with enthralling storytelling to create a fully realised and seductive world, brimful of magic and romance. Intrigue and deception, villains and anti-heroes, schemes and plots, this book has it all.

This month’s case will be also packed with everything Fairytales! So look out for Little Red Riding Hood, she might appear with a case full of treats!

If you love classic fairytales and a read that will you leave you wanting more, then this case is for you! Hurry! We have limited stock!

Shipping out at the end of February!