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FEB 2021: Vintage Steampunk


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A joyous fantasy of the past.

Nostalgia for what never was.

A playground for adventure.


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Our featured novel in February is a terrifying, tender, thrilling, adult adventure set in the late 1800’s. An alternate history. One that will forever change the way we see the Wild West.

Our bold protagonist fears for her life when she is accused of witchcraft. This forces her to join up with a band of women; outcasts on a curious journey. We’ll say no more, because this is where it gets interesting.

Exquisitely disruptive, a delicious historical twist, a tale eerily familiar, but utterly transformed…this is a grand, unforgettable read. 

Don’t miss out!

This month’s case is a spectacle. A case full of drama, escapism and exploration. But most of all, it will be filled with items from your imagination. A world of reality turned on its head.

“Many great things have been accomplished by the careful combination of keen minds and ardent spirits.” ― G.D. Falksen

Cases are limited and will ship out end of Feb/beginning of March.

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