Feb 22: Ethereal


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Over thousands of years, we’ve learned a lot about the world.

But some things, we cannot explain.

This month, we present…ethereal.



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This month’s featured adult novel is a blend of myth and magic, city and county, urban and wild. It is a tale of winged women, and their quest for freedom in the face of science, turned into dark obsession. A magical, historical fiction with a feminist twist that will sweep you into the dirty streets of nineteenth century London. A fallen angel. An obsessive villain. An artist who loves the names of colours. And a botanist who loves the shapes of plants. This is an extraordinary weaving together of the lives of four women.

This month’s case is dedicated to the mysteries not of this world. As our knowledge grows, the mysteries we face seem to expand too. The world is full of wonder. It is filled with exquisite beauty, as light as air. And in February, we will show you all of it’s luminous charm.

“Life is a luminous pause between two mysteries that are yet one” – Carl Jung

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