February 2024: There’s a little witch in all of us


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Trust the path unseen.

This month, we present…

There’s a little witch in all of us.

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This month, we take you on a journey through love and magic.

In a sizzling game of cat and mouse, a witch and a handsome, relentless witch-hunter engage in a dangerous dance. A rich tapestry of opulence, secrets, and a hauntingly, blood-soaked history. A vigilante witch-rescuer and a loyal revolutionist find themselves drawn to each other in the wake of a catastrophic revolution where witches, once powerful rulers, now face ruthless persecution due to fading magic. But what if they’ve found their perfect match? And what if they are the very villains they are both hunting?

Intrigued? Well this highly-anticipated book of 2024 is not to be missed! A thrilling romantic fantasy, where the peril of being a witch pales in comparison to the treacherous terrain of falling in love.

This February we unveil the magic that resides in every reader’s heart as we curate a bewitching experience filled with whimsical surprises and mystical delights. Dive into a world where spells and stories intertwine, and let the inner witch within you emerge. Join us on this adventure because, after all, “there’s a little witch in all of us!”

Book: Trade paperback

Genre: Fantasy/ Romance/ Magic/ Paranormal

Shipping: Early March

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