Jan 2023: The Skies of Tomorrow


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A new year.

Boundless possibilities.

Limitless imagination.

This January, we present…The Skies of Tomorrow.

Out of stock



This month’s featured novel is an extraordinary┬ástory about a woman with the ability to predict the weather. Set in Regency England, she lives in a world that does not understand her. Then a prophecy comes to pass. And she is thrown into a new life. A life of clockwork and automaton, and a clever weather predicting talent.
Historical fiction. Ethereal elements. Fantastical clockwork skies. Fortunes can be won or lost at the turn of a card. And illusions of trickery lurk in the shadows. This is a fabulously original read propelled by courage, passion and the love of a lifetime.
January’s box will take you all the way up into the clouds. We’re exploring the limits of your imagination with items inspired by the natural wonder of the world above us.
Order now.
And let the storm begin.
Boxes ship out end of Jan/early Feb.
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