Jan 22: Ocean Child


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You are a fearless soul.

Tender and wild.

The rhythm of the ocean echoes through your heart.

Remember who you are, ocean child.



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This month’s featured book is a dazzling, fantasy debut rooted in West African mythology. It is a story about a devastating time in history, retold in a powerful, new light, through the eyes of a heroine, a collector of drowned souls. It is a story about love that will threaten an ancient world. It is a story that risks the fates of gods and mortals alike. This January, we present…fantastical worlds, deadly and magnificent creatures, and a powerful, thought-provoking tale of courage and resistance. Don’t miss this.

This month’s case is a treasure chest from the depths of the ocean. Unique trinkets! Quirky critters! Buccaneers and marauders! A case that will take you back to the sea.

Remember who you are, ocean child – a fearless soul.

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

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