January 2024: Across the Realms


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Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Step…across the realms.

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Embark on a literary journey, crackling with magic and passion. Our featured book this month is a romantic fantasy of epic proportions from a best-selling author.

We dive headfirst into the bizarre escapades of two elven siblings, whisked away to an alluring corner of the fae realm. Picture this: one sister, a battle-tested warrior raised on the front lines, and the other, a dreamy diviner hoping for a prophecy that hints at a more promising future.

But hold your enchanted hats! A blunder of mythical proportions banishes one sister from the Elven Lands, and the dynamic duo is thrust into the wild unknown. Lo and behold, they stumble upon the fae court, a place unseen for what feels like a million years.

As the sisters move through this eccentric world, they’re caught in a dance of loyalties – sibling bonds, elven roots, and the twirls of their own hearts. Our featured book unfolds into an epic fantasy, sprinkled with magic and a dash of offbeat charm. Fellow author Samantha Shannon dubs it a fantastical frolic through a realm where danger and love don’t just knock; they waltz in with confetti cannons. This book is filled with magic, intrigue, heart-stopping romance and the fierce bonds of sisterhood. A breathtaking fantasy not to be missed!

Our January case will unveil the magic and whimsy of fantastical landscapes, by captivating the stories of the fae with the enchanting treasures of the Elvin. Each box is a kaleidoscope of surprises, offering a journey through realms bursting with colour, charm, and otherworldly wonders. Indulge your senses, ignite your imagination, and join us in unboxing the magic of the unknown. The dark and whimsical await!

Book: Trade paperback

Genre: Fantasy Action and Adventure/ Romantic Fantasy

Shipping: Early February

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