This is not a pretty world.

There are no pretty characters.

There is no pretty magic.

This is not a pretty story.

Or even a pretty fairy tale.

Good people do bad things.

This month, The Book Case presents…

Anti-fairy tales.

July’s featured novel is good and evil, beautiful and ugly, hopeful and fatal. A dark, powerful and startlingly original retelling of one of literature’s most adored fairy tales, it is a perspective that nobody cared about and transforms it into something astonishing to admire. This is, in essence, the perfect fairy tale.

This month’s case will also include everything grim, with mysterious characters from our favourite fairy tales. A case packed with everything you wouldn’t expect, and some things that you might. We’re turning the “happily ever after” on its head and you don’t want to miss out!

Limited cases available. Shipping out end of July.