July 2020: Music between the pages


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This July, The Book Case Symphony Orchestra presents…

A strange melody! A fairytale tune! A world immersed in song!

This month, we bring you….MUSIC BETWEEN THE PAGES!

(shipping end of July)

Out of stock



Our featured novel this month is a lyrical masterpiece. It is a journey through the imagination. It is a melodic language more expressive than the spoken word.

A musical prodigy wants to be remembered forever. She has a father that forbids her. And a brother that begins to eclipse her talents. This is until she accepts a deal that will give her the power to make her wish come true. Not knowing whether she is the hero or the villain in her story, will she be able to keep her end of the deal? Or will it cost her everything?

Lost kingdoms and magical worlds, set up as a fantasy historical fiction, this novel is filled with beautiful and haunting moments. It is a bittersweet love. You can almost hear the music from this best-selling author, and it will mesmerize you from the very first page.

This month’s case will also be beautifully composed of everything melodic, with a touch of the weird and wonderful. We’ll transport you into a magical world of lyrics, languages, chants and sounds that will hypnotise your senses. Don’t miss out!

Our featured artist for July is the very awesome Merry Go crowd!

We are targeting shipment as per usual, at the end of each month. But if there are delays due to what is going on at the moment, we will keep you posted.

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