Witches and wizards!

Get ready!

June’s theme is here! And this is going to be big!

The Knight Bus is en route…and we’re going to Azkaban!

This month, The Book Case is proud to present: THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN: HOUSE EDITION!

FIRST STOP – We’re releasing ALL of the The Prisoner of Azkaban House Editions! You can choose your house! You can choose if you want the paperback or hardback edition! Just click on the drop-down menus below!

SECOND STOP – An incredible theme! That’s right, we are going all out this month and immersing you in a world of dementors, marauders maps, time-turners and more! This is the godfather of all cases and Sirius Black would highly approve!

THIRD STOP – WHAT, is there more? Of course there is! Not only will you be getting a magical book, an immersive Harry Potter experience, and exclusive merchandise you’ve never seen before…but this month, we are also including a FULL-SIZE FUNKO POP! We are so excited!!!

LAST STOP – Would you like the first two books in your favourite house edition? Send Hedwig with a message and we will sort it all out for you (email us at info@thebcase.co.za.)

So what are you waiting for? Hop onto that Firebolt, head on over to our shop, and wave that charmed wand! Cases are extremely limited this month and you don’t want to miss out on an absolutely unforgettable case! This is one-of-a-kind. One of the most epic cases we’ve ever done!

Cases will ship out in the first week of July due to the book release date in SA.