June 2022: The Spectacular Spectacular


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A visual extravaganza!

A marvellous treat!

A striking performance!

This month, we present…The Spectacular SPECTACULAR!

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This June, we are taking you on a wondrous adventure!

A whimsical, traveling hotel where guests go to have their wildest dreams come true. A hotel that moves to someplace new everyday. And then there are two sisters, trying to escape their troubled life back home, craving a life filled with enchantments and magic. But once inside the hotel, they soon realise that it holds sinister mysteries. And it may be too late to plan an exit.

Life is meant for spectacular adventures! Let your feet wander. Let your eyes marvel. And ignite your soul. This month’s case is brimming with wondrous delight! We might also include a couple of your favourite showstopper stories: one that ‘arrives without warning’ and another where ‘you can sip magic from a cup and buy dreams in a bottle’.

In June, we are nothing short of spectacular!

Cases ship out first week of July!

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