June 2023: Booktopia


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An imagined place.

A literary odyssey.

A weird and wonderful reality.

This month, get ready to lose yourself in the realms of fantasy.

Welcome to….Booktopia.

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Set in a dystopian society where knowledge is suppressed.  A boy is trapped within a massive and ancient library full of surprising twists and turns. A girl is plucked from the outskirts of civilization where no one goes and nightmares stalk. They were never supposed to meet. But in the library, they did.

This story follows the journey of two strangers who find themselves connected by a vast and mysterious library containing many wonders and secrets. The world has never noticed them. That’s about to change. Intrigued?

This captivating and fantastical literary adventure ignites the imagination and delves into the power of words. Its spellbinding tale transports readers into a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur, and the written word becomes a force to be reckoned with. This dark and relentless tale is a two-in-the-morning page-turner.

With this case, prepare to immerse yourself in the enchantment of Booktopia, where each item opens a portal to a world filled with captivating stories, extraordinary characters, and boundless imagination. Booktopia is not just a collection of books and artifacts; it is an invitation to explore the unsettling and strange. Each item within the case has been chosen to immerse you in a world of dark wonders and bookish delights. From enigmatic art prints to uncanny trinkets, every item will be a blend of the familiar and the unworldly. Let’s challenge your perception of reality! Let’s step into the bizzare corners of the literary world where the magic of storytelling will leave a lasting impression! Welcome to BOOKTOPIA!

Book: trade paperback.

Genre: dark fantasy, magical realism. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction

Shipping: early July

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