KIDS DROP: Swiftie Case – Let’s Meet Taylor


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Are YOU ready to meet Taylor?

Welcome to the enchanting world of Taylor Swift, where music and magic collide! This whimsical bookcase is designed for all the little Swifties out there, ready to embark on a journey through the melodies and stories of their favorite pop sensation.

*This case includes the new ‘Let’s Meet Taylor’ paperback book plus lots of goodies for the Swiftie fans.

*The book is suitable for ages 7 and above, but perfect for all Swiftie fans, young and old.

*Shipping in May!

5 in stock

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Welcome to the ultimate treasure trove for young Swifties, where every item sparkles with the magic of Taylor Swift’s music and charm!

At the heart of the bookcase sits “Let’s Meet Taylor”, a delightful picture book that invites readers to follow gifted singer-songwriter Taylor’s inspirational journey from growing up on a Christmas tree farm to superstardom. Discover how she never gave up on her dream, from her earliest performances to the multi-talented and award-winning star she is today, and learn why she believes everyone should have the chance to be who they want to be.Are YOU ready to meet Taylor?

But there is more…- featuring loads of goodies – from the famous “Swiftie Friendship Bracelet Set” which allows young fans to share their love for Taylor Swift with their closest friends. To those eager to show off their Swiftie pride with their new “Swiftie Cap”. With it’s vibrant colour you are sure to make a bold fashion statement. Paired with the “Swiftie Era Pencil Case,”, fans can carry their love for Taylor wherever they go, whether it’s to school, work or a Taylor Swift concert.

And what Swiftie collection would be complete without a plushie companion? Nestled amongst the books and trinkets is a cuddly plushie cat, reminiscent of Taylor’s beloved pets Meredith and Olivia. With its soft fur and endearing expression, this plushie brings a touch of warmth and comfort to any fan’s collection, providing a snuggly friend to accompany them on their musical adventures.

Plus more….

So grab your favourite Taylor Swift album, slip on your Swiftie cap, and let the melodies carry you away on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting world of Taylor Swift.



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