Imagine if you could hide your most frightening memories. Imagine if you could lock them away between the pages of a book and keep them safe from prying eyes. Imagine if you could start your life again with a clean slate. Imagine what could happen when you are no longer aware of these fearful memories and they are erased completely. Imagine the power that this book could yield. Imagine what could go wrong.

This March, The Book Case brings you an extraordinary, new theme.

A theme manifested in a magical tale of the supernatural.

A truly beautiful theme.

This month, The Book Case presents…LOST IN A BOOKSTORE!

Our featured adult novel in March is a dazzling HARDBACK, an escapist fantasy where you will find yourself sinking gratefully into the pleasure of its pages. This story is a fusion of history and magic, gripping at its core, with many great twists and turns along the way! In its essence, it is a book about books and how they can be illicit, powerful and evil.

This is a novel involving dark forces and mysterious happenings. It is compelling and darkly delicious, full of intrigue, suspicion and savagery. It is an astonishing, unique and original tale. It will stay with you for a long time. It will transform you! A masterpiece. A great fable that is engrossing at its very core!

If you have ever dreamed of what it would be like to be locked in a bookstore with a spellbinding book, then March’s case will be perfect for you! This case will include magical and useful goodies, which are ideal for any avid reader. We will help set the mood for your reading adventure, so get ready to settle in for a dazzling night of reading. Be prepared for everything bookish!

Order now! This month we have EXTREMELY LIMITED cases available due to the high-end value of the book and the fact that the hardback will not be readily available in SA. Cases will ship out at the end of March.