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May 2021: Afro Mystique


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This month, we bring you…Afro Mystique.

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Our featured novel in May is a gritty, vivid, West African-inspired, fantasy debut. A young woman, coming of age, faces a consequence worse than death. She is confronted with a choice: stay in her village and submit to her fate, or leave to fight in an army of near-immortal women with rare gifts just like her. But as she journeys to train against the empire’s biggest threat, she will find that nothing and nobody are quite what they seem to be, not even herself. 

Sensational world-building, engaging and powerful characters, and an inspiring, thought-provoking plot, this book is a revelation.

This month’s case is a celebration of Africa, magic and women power. Gold moonlight and the warm riches of the earth. Scorching suns and dry lands. Old deserts and deep, starry nights. Open your imagination. This is going to be beautiful.

Cases ship out end of May.

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