May 2022: Cheesy Romcom


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This May, we’ve found your soulmate.

It’s hardback.

It has sprayed edges.

And it is one of the most highly-anticipated YA’s of 2022!

This month, we present…cheesy romcom!

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A shocking kiss. A mysterious disappearance. An unexpected alliance. This month’s featured book is about breaking the rules, getting messy and finding love in unexpected places! It’s an uplifting story of being unapologetically yourself and going for what you want, and finding what you need along the way. A funny, colourful, intensely compassionate, sweet and electrifyingly romantic knockout of a book – don’t miss this!

This month’s featured case is an ode to the cheesy romcoms of our time. Fun, happy, vibrant, dramatic and super sexy! A case truly made with love!

Cases ship out end of May.

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