May 2024: X


A box.

Plucked from the salty depths.

Inside, a canvas for tales untold.

And it has secrets…

…secrets whispered by the waves.

This month, we present…a box of ‘oddities and curiosities’ from the deep!

This May we give you….X.

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Sea-dreamers! Let us dive into a world of wonder!

Inside awaits a tale woven from the fabric of the sea. From humble beginnings to opulent halls, from navy ships to blood-soaked battlegrounds, we journey through a world of survival and the call of the open seas. In the Golden Age of piracy, adventure knows no bounds. Our inspiring pirate finds camaraderie and love amidst the chaos of war. Yet, even in the midst of battle, her heart remains tethered to the sea. The greatest treasures are beyond the horizon. The sea whispers its secrets to those who dare to listen.

But beware, for alongside this book of adventure lies the curiosities of the deep! Could it be the preserved tentacle of a kraken, forever frozen in its dance of myth and mystery? Or what’s this? A mermaid’s comb, tangled with whispers of love lost to the waves, its teeth like pearls, and its song a siren’s call. Open the box and you shall sea…

So come, brave souls and seekers of the unknown, and let this treasure trove be your compass in the sea of imagination, where every oddity and curiosity tells a tale as wild as the ocean itself. As the famous pirate quote goes: “a ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

Gold awaits.

X marks the spot.

Book: Trade paperback

Genre: Historical Fiction/Pirates/Fiction/Adventure

Shipping: Early to mid-June

(Please take note that we have added a flat rate for shipping from March 2024 – our newsletter and Instagram has more information).

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