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Woven in the radiance of the morning and the mystique of the night.

This month, we present…Solaria | Lunaria

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Welcome to Sunaria | Lunaria. A divine celebration of the eternal balance between light and darkness, guided by the celestial powers of the gods.

This month, we embark on a mythical journey with a story as captivating as the play of light and dark across the cosmos. A story about a descendant of the god of the sun, infamous for witchcraft, violence and murder. We will hate her for what she does. We will love her for all her complexities. We will root for her and scream with her in the face of injustice. And we will cry for her…

Monstrous beasts, ruthless kings and an unexpected love, this is a story filled with magic, revenge, betrayal and a distinct twist at the end. A story that will lead to a brutal act that will rip apart the lives of everyone involved, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in its wake. A story that will stay with you for a long time.

This month, delve into the mysterious realms of magic, myth, and celestial wonders. Our carefully curated collection captures the stillness of the dark and the brilliance of the light. Inside, discover bookish treasures that echo the enigmatic world of Solaria and Lunaria, revealing the secrets hidden beneath the celestial skies.

Book: Trade paperback

Genre: Mythology/Greek Mythology/ Fantasy/Retellings/Historical Fiction/adult

Shipping: End of July

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