Nov 2019: Book-Centric Fantasia


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In November, The Book Case presents a…curious theme.

A theme that within it, holds all the stories of the world. And keeps them safe.

This month, we present the bizarre, the fantastic BOOK-CENTRIC FANTASIA!

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Our featured novel in November is immense. A story about stories – reading stories, taking part in stories, how stories can transcend time and space. A story you will want to get lost in and never leave.

From a New York Times bestselling author, we present the most highly anticipated book of the year, a weird but delightfully timeless story set in an extraordinary world. An epic fantasy about a student who finds a mysterious book, a book about a story from his own childhood. Desperate to make sense of it all, he uncovers a series of clues that ultimately lead him through a doorway to an ancient library, hidden far below the surface of the earth. There he’ll find a place of lost cities and seas, a place of pirates, painters, lovers and liars! There he’ll find those who have sacrificed much to protect their realm, and those who are intent on its destruction.

This month’s case will be weird in the most delightful way. So for people who love Neil Gaiman and Alice in Wonderland, this is the case for you!

Our featured artist for the month is the very talented, totally quirky, amazing Nadia du Plessis from @bvbblegvm_illustrations. We are beyond excited to show you what she has up her sleeve!

So come on in and embrace this spellbinding love story for the bibliophiles of our time, reminding us why we love to read so much. Come on in and see how much magic is left in the world. 

Limited cases available. All cases will ship out at the end of November. 

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