November 2023: A Christmas Soiree!


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Its (almost) the most wonderful time of the year!

And this year, we bring you a wonderland case!

Welcome to the magic.

This month, we present…A Christmas Soiree!

Out of stock



In a city where winter’s first snowfall marks the onset of an enchanting tradition, mysterious invitations arrive without warning. They bear a single word: ‘Tonight”.

A struggling artist discovers one of these invitations and is swept up into an evening of magic and allure at a notorious annual party. Intrigued as to who is behind it, our artist embarks on a journey that leads him to an abandoned manor house, a place with untold secrets. There, he stumbles upon a cursed woman who is desperate to be free.

Immerse yourself in a captivating tale that marries the opulence of The Great Gatsby with the grace of Swan Lake. Where enchantment, mystery, and longing converge, painting a portrait of a world where dreams and desires are woven into a spellbinding tapestry.

November’s case is the perfect gift for those who long to be whisked away to a land of elegance and enchantment. Embrace the true spirit of Christmas. Let’s end the year off relaxed and at peace.

Book: Trade paperback

Genre: Historical fiction/ Retelling/ Romance/ Fantasy and magical realism

Shipping: Early December

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