Oct 2020: Other Worlds


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It is not a place in the world.

It is a world unto itself.

This month, we present something extraordinary.

This is…other worlds.

Cases are extremely limited this month. Shipping on the last day of October.


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Endless corridors. Infinite halls in all directions. On the lower levels, an imprisoned ocean. And there is a narrator, picking his way carefully and with great innocence through the parts that are passable. He lives to explore the House. He knows nothing else. But as he continues to explore, evidence emerges of another person in the House, and a terrible truth begins to unravel, revealing a world beyond the one he has always known.

Sixteen years ago, this month’s featured author published a massive, culture-shaking title. She seemed to be on the precipice of a monumental career. Many described her as one of the great fantasy novelists of her generation. And then she vanished from public life. But now she’s back. And we have her new novel. 

This month’s case is a journey into other worlds. Worlds you know and love. Worlds you’ve never seen before. We’re going on a sprawling, mythical adventure. And we’d love for you to join.

We also need to mention that this month’s featured novel is a HARDBACK edition!

Cases are extremely limited this month. Shipping on the last day of October.

PLEASE NOTE: Regretfully, we have to increase the price of our monthly cases. The price of books has gone up substantially since March. We have tried to keep the price increase as low as possible, but we would still like to maintain the quality of each case every month and include only the best and newest titles.

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