October 2018: #LETSGETSOCIAL


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#THIS #MONTH #THE #BOOK #CASE #BRINGS #YOU #AN #OFF-THE-WALL #NEW #THEME! A theme fuelled by likes, shares, views and followers! A theme about the World Wide Web and internet fame! This October, we’re plugging you into Cyberspace and taking you on a bizarre and colourful journey! Yes, this is something we’ve never done before! Something exciting and incredible! So come and join the party and…#LETSGETSOCIAL

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This month’s featured novel is a contemporary, sweeping, cinematic tale about a young woman who inspires worldwide hysteria on social media before realising she’s found herself at the center of a vast international mystery, bigger and stranger than you could have ever possibly imagined! In a thoroughly original debut, the author blends a quirky millennial mix of science-fiction mystery with philosophical musings about the perils of going viral. A joyful, devastating, zeitgeisty, and thrilling adventure about who we are as humans and how we deal with remarkable events, this book gallops to a cliff-hanger ending, and still lingers with you afterwards. It provokes the mind, tickles the spirit, and, at every turn, you’ll be dying to know what happens next!

This month’s case will include everything you’ll need as a social butterfly! Think funky and hip! Think Ready Player One, Hackers and Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda! We’ll whisk you away into a world of social networking! Let’s go viral!

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