October 2023: When Worlds Collide


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Prepare to embark on a breathtaking journey where light and darkness clash in a symphony of magic and mayhem!

This month, we present…When Worlds Collide

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Dive into a story where light and shadow magic collide in a battle of epic proportions. Our featured book unveils a world where a deadly secret burns brighter than the stars, and a force unseen for generations resurfaces to shake the very foundations of reality. This is a world where the heart is a battlefield. The life of a spellbinding orphan with a secret power that can cut through the shadows of the ruthless Night Empire intertwines with that of a Prince, heir to the very darkness she seeks to combat. When their powers collide, it creates a force unparalleled, sparking an alliance that could save—or shatter—the world.

Prepare yourself to be spellbound. This is where magic weaves the fabric of fate, and where destinies are forever altered. The 2023 highly-anticipated fantasy of the year awaits, and your adventure begins with the turn of a page.

October’s case is a burst of enchantment, where every reader will experience a fusion of light and dark, magic and mystery. Get ready to embark on a journey where destinies entwine, passions ignite, and the boundaries between worlds blur with a treasure trove of surprises. Every item pays homage to the contrasting magic that unfolds within the pages.

Book: Trade paperback

Genre: Sci-fi fantasy/ romance fantasy/ magic/ adult

Shipping: End of October/Early November

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