Sep 22: Arcane Academia


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This month, we present…

A masterpiece of translation.

A love letter to language.

A secret.

This September is…Arcane Academia.

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This month’s featured novel is a stunning masterpiece in 1900’s alternative history.

An orphan, plucked from his native country, brought to London by a mysterious professor. There, he enrols in a very…unordinary school. Oxford’s esteemed Royal School of Translation…or something else? A school for silver-working where everything runs on magical silver, enchanted with words and phrases in different languages, advancing society. As our main character learns the mysterious workings of a secret society, he must decide whether to remain in his comfortable life pursuing knowledge, or take down the system that controls the world.

A love letter to language. A razor-sharp story about revolution and colonialism. Compelling and powerful, this is a book that will stay with you for a long time. It might even earn a place on your all-time favourite list.

This month’s case will dive deep into the world of mystical academia! Our favourite secret libraries and schools. Books, movies, art and language. A case filled with secret rarities and hidden magic!

The question is not what you look at, but what do you see?

Cases ship out end of September/Early October!

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