Sept 2020: Reverie


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This Spring, The Book Case presents…

A theme full of wonder.

A vibrant and colourful daydream.

An escape.

This month, we bring you…Reverie.

Out of stock



This month’s featured novel is a triumph of outrageous dreams. An awkward and reserved spinster embarks on an expedition to the other side of the world with her upbeat, eccentric assistant in search of a rumoured, mythical critter. Together they find themselves drawn into an extraordinary adventure that exceeds all expectations. 

An emotional, marvellous, offbeat novel set in 1950s Britain, this is a wonderfully atmospheric, captivating, touching, vibrant, humorous and engaging read of faith, belief and hope. Parts of the book are laugh-out-loud funny, others make you reach for the tissues. It is the perfect escape. A picturesque tale that searches the soul.

This case is everything we need right now. A daydream. A case filled with brilliant colours and quirky goodness! Dreamy stationery and colourful items that will fill your soul with happiness. It is everything your bookish heart desires. A pop of fun!

Cases ship out on the last day of the month. Limited stock available!

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