Illusions, secrets and magic! Intriguing isn’t it? Then keep on reading! We are thrilled to announce that our theme for the August Book Case is ENCHANTED LANDS! 

As a huge Night Circus and Caraval fan, I am so excited to share this highly-anticipated, magical fantasy novel with everyone. Yes, if you loved those two books, then this box is for you! 

We will be featuring a newly-released novel filled with romance, tragedy and self-discovery. Invoking the magic of Angela Carter and Erin Morgenstern, this author weaves a dazzling story with a voice distinctively different to anything I have read before! 

The Enchanted Lands case will be featuring goodies exclusive to The Book Case and inspired by our favourite Worlds of Magic! Yes, Hogwarts and Panem! So don’t miss out!

Let’s go on a magical adventure from high-wire love to an enchanting land of secrets and mystery!