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May 2018: The Ancient Myths


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This May, The Book Case brings you an enchanting, new theme…

A theme with its roots in a divine realm…

A theme that conjures up myths and legends in their full lyrical splendour…

This month, The Book Case presents…


Our featured novel this month is a powerful rewrite of an incredible, ancient narrative, retold with a tweaked plotline and a brilliantly fresh female perspective.

The story is a glorious love letter to the first witch in Western literature, a cameo figure from hazy Greek antiquity turned into a formidable heroine in her own right. Readers follow this sly, brilliant and devastating goddess from childhood in her parents’ immortal halls to her exile on a small island. There, she dares to challenge the gods.

Set in a world of ancient Greek mythology, this well-known author turns a tale of conquest into one of empowerment, bringing us a wholly original novel, ready to be gobbled up greedily in a single seating! You don’t want to miss out on this book!

This month’s case will also include goodies inspired by gods and goddesses, myths and legends, magic and mayhem, witches and wizards, and everything else in between! A case bursting with the realms of the divine!

So shop now! As always, cases are limited!

Cases ship out on the last day of May.

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May 2018: Games, Gizmos & Gadgets


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In May, The Junior Case brings you an exhilarating, new theme…

…a theme bursting with fun and adventure!

This month, we bring you…


This month’s featured book is a beautifully written, action-packed story that will immerse you into a world of magnificent games, incredible surprises, amazing characters, awesome adventures, and fantastical twists and turns!

From an exciting debut author, this brilliant, Jumanji-esque adventure is about a girl and her comical best friends, thrown into a mysterious board game, where they go in search of her pesky little brother that vanishes into its midst. The trio is now on a rescue mission where they are faced with a mix of ghostly monsters, magic, and danger, and it is up to them to defeat the game’s diabolical architect in order to save themselves and those who are trapped inside. But can they win?

With its magical premise and a trio of heroes second to none, this book is destined to become a bestseller in middle grade fantasy! So if you are a fan of Percy Jackson, or the School for Good and Evil, and your children love games, gizmos and gadgets, then don’t miss out on this case! It’s going to be epic!

Cases are extremely limited due to pre-orders.

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